"Never mistake knowledge for wisdom.  

One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life."

-Sandra Carey

Virtual Offerings

Free Reiki Group Healing

To register, click on my meetup group link below.

Are you needing a little healing in your life? 

Join my Free Reiki Group Healing session, happening every third Tuesday of the month at 9am EST. This healing experience covers many areas such as chakra, physical, soul, trauma, emotional, and spiritual healing for overall well-being.

Each session lasts about 45 minutes, with only 40 available spots, so secure your spot early. Upon registration, you'll receive a link for the Google Meet or Zoom session. Feel free to share specific areas you'd like me to focus on during the healing process.

Excited to have you join us! 

Being The Light Support Group

To register, click on my meetup group link below.

Attention All Light Workers!

Do you identify as a light worker? Do you feel like it's hard juggling this responsibility with all of life's ups and downs? In a world that is stuck in a state of fear and anxiety, it can be so difficult to be the light in the dark and to maintain a sense of peace and love with negativity all around you. 

Please join me in this monthly meeting via Google Meet or Zoom, where we will all come together as light workers and support each other, discussing various topics such as the awakening process, dark night of the soul, loneliness, being an empath, protecting your energy, and many more.

At the end of each meeting I will send out a distance healing with the help of our beloved Archangels, to help support us and to clear anything that no longer serves. Let us come together in community to help support each other.

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Step Into The Light

To register, click on my meetup group link below.

Attention All Light Workers!

Join me for a month-long workshop designed for Lightworkers looking for inspiration to step into their full potential. 

Imagine this as a structured program aimed at guiding you to reset and revitalize your life, enabling you to embrace your divine power as a Lightworker.

Every Sunday, starting from July 7th to July  29th, between 9-10:30am EST, we will come together on Zoom to explore a range of subjects. These include self-discovery, self-love, empowerment, healing karmic connections, the significance of shadow work and cord cutting, energy protection, and empowering oneself as a healer. 

Together, we will identify areas for positive transformation and delve into our subconscious to uncover any barriers to growth. Each session will end with a 30-minute distant Reiki energy cleansing and light activation guided by our beloved Archangels.

The energy exchange is $150.00. Financial assistance is available upon request. For inquiries or assistance, please contact ariqcyr@radiantdivinehealing.com. Hurry, there are just 10 spots available! 

Take advantage of the early bird discount of $125, until June 27th. Register now to secure your spot. 

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